A full compliment of processes are available from print through to complete on site manufacture and final distribution and logistics, including fulfilment, but here are just a few that you may find interesting….

Complete Blister and thermoform design and production

Foam substrates and Inserts

Clear/Transparent PET forming and manufacture

copackinglite ( Cost effective short run off the shelf solutions for the small business)

Magnetic closure

Product Fulfiilment

The benefits of using copackingdesign as your manufacturing partner are that we have invested in an array production technology to focus primarily on small to medium run sizes, in addition to large quantity orders. Size does not matter to us, large or small.

Our Clients benefit from quick set up times, flexibility and a selection of fully automated and hand assembled processes depending on each clients job specifications, and so can accommodate efficient turnaround for our clients in a an array of formats and manufacturing applications.

Your products are unique and we will design and manufacture packaging that enhances them.

Keeping ahead of trends in manufacturing and providing our clients with state of the art manufacturing solutions under one roof is our business.